Barack by Jonah Winter

Barack by Jonah Winter 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Jonah Winter
HarperCollins (2008)
ISBN 9780061703928
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 6) for Reader Views (11/08)

“Barack” by Jonah Winter is a book about Barack Obama’s childhood and how he became President.  His mother was born in Kansas and his father was born in Africa.  Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.  For a while as a child he lived in Indonesia.  Obama worked hard and helped people and became popular.  The book ends when he ran for election for U.S. President.  (The book was printed before he won).

The illustrations in the book were pretty good.  There were big, colorful drawings on almost every page.

I would recommend “Barack” by Jonah Winter to people who want to learn more about our new President.

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