Baby Signs by Joy Allen

Baby Signs by Joy Allen 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Baby Signs
Joy Allen
Dial Books for Young Readers (2008)
ISBN 9780803731936
Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5), Max (age 18 months) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (2/08)

“Baby Signs” is a sturdy board book that provides 13 signs that are helpful for a baby to learn so that he is able to communicate before he can speak.  Among some of the signs taught in the book are milk, more, diaper, book and sleepy

Cayden:  Points to the cover and says, “He’s a baby, like you are a baby Max!”

Max:  “Baby”

Cayden:  “He threw it!  There was milk in there!” (referring to the baby throwing his bowl when he was done eating)

Mom:  “Who does that?”

Cayden:  “Babies like Max!”

Mom:  “Maybe we should teach him the sign for ‘all done’”

Cayden:  Pointing to the illustration of how to sign diaper:  “What are you supposed to do here?”

Max:  Pointing to the diaper that the baby put on his head “Hat, Hat!”

Mom:  “What was your favorite sign to learn?”

Cayden:  “I like this one!  The dog one!”  Then they both stick out their tongues and pant (which is the sign for dog).

Parent’s comments:
Cayden and Max had already known a couple of signs that were in “Baby Signs” and recognized them right away when we got to that page.  The book definitely held their interest and the illustrations as to how to do the signs along with the written directions were very helpful.  I think that there is just the right number of signs so as not to be too overwhelming for a young child.

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