“Baby Senses” by Dr. Jaya Viswanathan

“Baby Senses” by Dr. Jaya Viswanathan 175 226 Reader Views Kids

Baby Senses

Dr. Jaya Viswanathan
Archway Publishing (2023)
ISBN 978-1665737159
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (06/2023)

“Baby Senses: A Sensory Neuroscience Primer for All Ages” was written by Dr. Jaya Viswanathan for an intellectually curious range of readers.  Dr. Viswanathan is a neuroscientist, artist, engineer, and educator. Through the art filling the pages and the science behind the words, this book highlights the traditional five senses and more exotic internal systems found within nature.

As humans, we enjoy the sense of touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight.  However, “Baby Senses” opens our minds to learning in more detail the neuroscientific language, dialogue, and illustrations at both the microscope and animal level.  With bold and italicized words, Viswanathan makes learning accessible to many ages.  Providing a thorough glossary and reference section, it is clear the author made a strong effort to ensure adults and children alike find enjoyment in this read. 

In her bio, Dr. Jaya Viswanathan highlights that she has spent her scientific career understanding the brain’s comprehension of the world around us.  This book provides an important catalyst for sharing this work with the masses.  Using pictures of microscopic elements as well as a combination of understandable and scientific language, she has provided a read that is relatable and in-depth enough to leave a diverse range of readers walking away feeling both entertained and educated. 

Using her Tuesday Night Drawing Group in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., Dr. Viswanathan was inspired to draw her own illustrations of the animals and neuroscientific paintings that grace the pages of this read.  Combining emotion, color, and talent she was able to emblazon the pages of this fascinating work with realistic art to aid in supporting the purpose of educating and understanding the traditional, special, and inner senses of the organisms within. From Lemurs to Golden Orb-Weavers and Langurs to Pit Vipers, the animals covered and the senses, systems, and purposes are fascinating.

“Baby Senses” offers a scientific exploration of the senses through drawings and dialogue providing an educative and informative dive into the subject matter using the author’s background in neuroscience, art, engineering, and education.  A perfect combination of the author’s various talents plays across the pages, making for an enjoyable, intellectual experience.  Parents, scientists, children, educators, librarians, and those of all ages and backgrounds will benefit from, find delight within, and cultivate knowledge from amongst the pages of this read.

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