Baby Owl’s Rescue by Jennifer Keats Curtis

Baby Owl’s Rescue by Jennifer Keats Curtis 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Baby Owl’s Rescue
Jennifer Keats Curtis
Sylvan Dell Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9781934359952
Reviewed by Grace (age 5) and Ella (age 4) Gleichner with Mom for Reader Views (12/09)

Max and Maddie are outside playing in their yard when they hear a strange clacking sound.  It continues and they go and see if they can find out where the noise is coming from.  When they look under a tree they see a baby owl clacking its beak at them.

“That owl is so cute!” Grace said, to which Ella replied “but look at its claws, they look really sharp.”

Max and Maddie weren’t sure what to do but thought it was a good idea to get their mom, who was a wildlife rehabilitator.  “Mommy, I would get you if I saw an animal that needed help.” Grace told me.  “But mom might not know what to do, we don’t have any owls.” Ella said.

Their mom thought that the owl may be old enough to climb back up the tree and into the nest by itself but warns the kids not to get too close because too much human contact isn’t good.  But, it is just too young to climb.  So, she has the kids watch it while she goes into the house.  “I would take care of it because I want to be a vet when I grow up” Grace said.

Their mom comes out with a laundry basket and fills it with loose branches.  She has called the fire department to help put the basket with the baby owl near the other nest in the tree.  “I bet that little baby misses its mommy” Ella said.

Thankfully the mother owl found its baby in the basket and was able to find food to feed it.

“Baby Owl’s Rescue” by Jennifer Keats Curtis was very well written and the illustrations were absolutely gorgeous.  I loved the fact that it was educational but still easy to read.  Highly recommended!

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