“Baby on Board: How Animals Carry Their Young” by Marianne Berkes

“Baby on Board: How Animals Carry Their Young” by Marianne Berkes 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Marianne Berkes
Dawn Publications (2017)
ISBN 9781584695936
Reviewed by Rose Whitacre (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (07/17)

“Baby on Board: How Animals Carry Their Young” by Marianne Berkes is a great book about many different animals and the ways they carry their babies. The author’s purpose was to show how animals carry their young, and to help kids understand how humans aren’t the only ones who take care of their babies. Humans are animals, too, and it’s important to learn about the ways other animals do things.  I learned a lot through reading this book and really enjoyed it.

I like how it has rhyming and how after each animal poem there is some more information about that animal. At the end of the book, there are some suggestions of fun activities and things you can do.  There is a guessing game where one person reads just the poem and the other person has to guess which animal the poem is talking about. I really like reading it this way – I tried reading it with my little sister like this and it was lots of fun. It is also a good way to test yourself and see if you have really learned the facts about the animals.

“Baby on Board” has great information about lots of animals you wouldn’t necessarily find in lots of other books.  The animals are kangaroos, sea otters, sloths, opossums, manatees, chimpanzees, common loons, alligators, wolf spiders, emperor penguins, anteaters, lions, and humans. My favorite animal was the wolf spider because the picture is really fun and I like the poem in that one.

When I was a baby, my mommy and daddy carried me in a baby carrier.  I have seen them carry my little sister and brother, and we will have another baby sister soon that maybe I will get to help carry sometimes. It’s neat to think about all the different ways that other animals carry their babies around.

I think that other children with a new baby brother or sister whose mommy is carrying them around would be interested in “Baby on Board: How Animals Carry Their Young” by Marianne Berkes.  Also, kids who just like animals and kids who like carrying around baby dolls and would like to learn how other animals do that would really like this book and would enjoy reading it. The pictures are great; they seem really real and lifelike. It is a fun book to read by yourself and with other people!

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  • Cathy Morrison

    Rose, thank you so much for such a nice review for Baby on Board. I’m the illustrator and loved illustrating this book. I’m a big fan of all of Marianne Berkes’ books, even the ones I don’t get to illustrate. She’s an amazing writer and understands how kids think and what they love to read.

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