Oksana & Marina Davydov
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781432799656
Reviewed by Russ Cramer (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (3/17)

“Baby Lady’s Scary Night” by Oksana and Marina Davydov is about how Baby Lady’s (a ladybug) mommy tucks her in and then there is a spider, ghost, and a snake that scare her. She screams and calls for her mommy. Her mommy says a word and actually tells Baby Lady that the ghost was the wind blowing Baby Lady’s curtains, the snake was her black tights, and the spider was just a hairball. And her mommy says this. Her mommy tucks her back in and that’s the end of the story.

I liked that the story was awesome and her mommy told her the truth. I loved the whole book! My favorite part was that her mommy tucked her in (like my mommy and daddy do).

I didn’t like that Baby Lady was scared. I get scared sometimes because my coat rack looks like a witch in the dark, but since I’m a big boy, I’m not scared.

The artwork was nice. It was awesome. My favorite page is when her mommy shows her the stars because when the stars are there, Baby Lady isn’t scared. I’m not scared either.

I would recommend “Baby Lady’s Scary Night” by Oksana and Marina Davydov to my friends because it is amazing. My friend loves bugs and collecting bugs, so I think he would love this book too.

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