“Baby Dragon Finds His Family” by Sheryl Bass

“Baby Dragon Finds His Family” by Sheryl Bass 1010 1024 Reader Views Kids

Baby Dragon Finds His Family   

Sheryl Bass    
Be-Kind Publishing (2023)
ISBN: 979-8987040638
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (05/2024)

Once upon a time, a village stumbled upon a dragon egg in a nearby cave. Since the dragon’s parents were nowhere to be found, the villagers adopted him and called him Baby Dragon in the book “Baby Dragon Finds His Family” (Magical Fairy Tale Adventures) by Ms. Sheryl Bass. It’s customary for a dragon’s parents to name their offspring, but since Baby Dragon’s parents weren’t there, his name simply became Dragon.

Although Dragon loved the villagers and helped them with their chores, he craved his own dragon family. So, he sets out on an adventure in hopes of finding his mom and dad. Along the way, he stumbles upon an elf, unicorn, and fairy – each one teaching Dragon a lesson to take on his journey to find his family. What are the lessons these mythical creatures teach Dragon? Does Dragon ever find his family?

I found this story so heartwarming because not only was Baby Dragon adorable, you couldn’t help but fall in love with his charming nature. He made friends with everyone he met, and I feel he made a great role model for children to see that no matter their shape, size, or color, everyone just wants to be accepted.

As you turn the pages and travel along with Dragon, you can feel how empathetic he is to the needs of the three magical creatures he stumbled upon in his journey – the elf, unicorn, and fairy. I feel children can learn that it’s important to take care of the people, or in Dragon’s case, the magical creatures around him. Children who learn empathy at a young age will take that lesson learned well into their adulthood. The world needs more empathy and children will surely learn this lesson in this endearing children’s story.

The illustrations provided by Mr. Remesh Ram could be found on every page and they were vibrant and colorful. They pull the readers further into the story and allow us to feel as if we are another character seeing everything firsthand. The pictures were so adorable to look at that I found myself pausing to fully take in each one before turning the page.

It’s stated that the author’s goal is to produce heartwarming stories themed around teamwork and friendship, and I feel she has definitely achieved that goal with “Baby Dragon Finds His Family.” Another detail that I found interesting is this is book 2 of the series Magical Fairy Tale Adventures. Children and adults alike can enjoy both books in Dragon’s series while learning a lesson within the pages.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this entertaining storyline and the heartwarming illustrations provided throughout this picture book. I feel that Dragon is one of those characters that children and adults of all ages can really fall in love with while learning a few lessons on Dragon’s journey to find his family. I highly recommend it! 

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