Awakening by K. Lippi

Awakening by K. Lippi 150 150 Reader Views Kids

K. Lippi
Mirror Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9781936046140
Reviewed by Neha N. Kashmiri (age 14) for Reader Views (6/09)


“Awakening” begins when Emilia, Mia to her friends and family, is attacked by a horrific demon called Craze. When she returns home nothing is the same as she left it. A Kistune demon disguised as a human will not leave her alone, wanting something more than to just steal her soul. She finds out that she is the successor to her grandfather’s position as a death angel. A death angel is a human appointed by either God or Lucifer to collect souls for them. In Mia’s case, though, things get complicated because both powers are working together.

But at the same time she is pursued by Markus, a dangerous being who wants to destroy every death angel in the world so that he may become a god. Mia cannot let that happen, but first she has to learn how to use her powers. And then the stakes rise higher when she finds out that her blood is toxic to everything it touches — including herself. There is only one way to slow its venom, but that would require turning someone she loves into something he hates.

“Awakening” is part romance, part supernatural adventure, and part mystery with an end that leaves you wanting more.

I really enjoyed the plot of “Awakening” though to be honest the writing wasn’t the best. Mia is a stubborn, sarcastic and funny heroine. I loved learning about Japanese creatures and even the mythology in the book is interesting. I recommend “Awakening” by K. Lippi to anyone who likes Japanese culture or someone who loves supernatural romances. 

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