“Beachcombers: A Clementine the Rescue Dog Story” by Kyle Torke is the third book in a series of children's books featuring a loveable adventurous mutt named Clementine. In this adventure, Clementine, Talis, Conner, and Conrad go to the beach for a day in the sun. The environmentally conscious family believes in work before play and begins to clean up the beach of trash and debris before hitting the waves. Clementine also joins in the cleanup by gathering plastic bottles. While cleaning they learn about the ocean creatures, the beach ecosystem, and recycling. After the cleanup, everyone enjoys spending time building sandcastles and having a picnic.
“Marky the Magnificent Fairy” by Cynthia Kern OBrien is a delightful children's storybook featuring the lovable red-headed female fairy Marky who is outgoing, kind, and a positive influence on forest creatures and other fairies alike. Unlike other fairies, Marky prides herself on her inner beauty, not letting the appearance of others determine their worth. This little fairy is a force to be reckoned with.
From its exquisite watercolor illustrations by Natalia Peña, awash with sprightly surroundings, and its sublime prose, this short gem undulates, shifting between an intelligent plot and unique lessons. Zoe, the main character, is a charming and spirited young girl that the author uses to depict every other child's eye-view of things and the emotional turmoil they experience upon failing all too many times. The presence of her parents, who encourage her and cheer her on, serves to show that children need emotional support as they try out new things and achieve their dreams.
It’s the Queen’s birthday in “What Good is a Dragon?” by author Patrick Carlson. The King needs help getting his birthday gift to her and enlists a boy named Alexander to get the gift to the Queen before her birthday party. Alexander puts the gift, an adorable green baby dragon, in his backpack and sets out on a grand adventure to the Queen’s castle. Along his travels, he meets different people such as an ogre, a knight, and even a mermaid – each offering gifts of their own to give to the Queen.
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