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“Badger and Turtle Face the Storm” by Daniel McMillan
“Badger and Turtle Face the Storm” by Daniel McMillan 717 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Badger and Turtle Face the Storm” by Daniel McMillan is the story of two friends who face a storm, literally and metaphorically. Badger and Turtle are outside enjoying the day when an intense storm rolls in quickly and unexpectedly. With similar human responses, the two friends react on impulse in their unique ways – Turtle feels scared, so he digs and hides in his shell by himself; Badger feels angry and upset with Turtle’s reaction, and burrows as well, attempting to get closer to Badger. In the process, he is unaware of how his actions are affecting Turtle. read more
“Mysteries of the Mist” by C.A. Rand
“Mysteries of the Mist” by C.A. Rand 1024 1024 Reader Views Kids
Sixteen-year-old, Coralee is looking forward to spending the entire summer with her grandfather at the Silver Wing Point lighthouse, where her grandfather is the lighthouse keeper and a retired commercial fisherman in “Mysteries of the Mist” by author C.A. Rand. He will be doing repairs to the lighthouse and the cottage attached and invited Coralee to come help him out because he knows she loves the area and the lighthouse. Without hesitation, she packs some of her things and drives to meet up with her grandfather. She’s looking forward to spending time with him while they work on the cottage and lighthouse together. Little do they both know; it will be a summer neither of them will ever forget. What happens to both the grandfather and Coralee while they spend the summer together? read more
“I am the Tree” by Kelly Bauer
“I am the Tree” by Kelly Bauer 973 1024 Reader Views Kids
This story takes us on an adventure with a young girl who thinks she’s too ordinary in “I am the Tree” by author Kelly Bauer. She wants to dance, create, and experience freedom, and love, but because she feels so ordinary, she thinks she isn’t worthy to go on a special adventure. One day, the world around her seems to change. People are arguing about things she doesn’t understand, and it scares her. So, she runs away until she can’t run any further. She reaches a mountaintop and she is amazed by the beauty of nature surrounding her. She hears the wind, the birds, and all the sounds of nature surrounding her where she is standing. She finally doesn’t feel scared anymore. read more
“The Underground Railroad Twins” by Lisa Tasca Oatway
“The Underground Railroad Twins” by Lisa Tasca Oatway 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
In “The Underground Railroad Twins: A Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure” the Stonehart family prepares for a field trip to a black settlement site. But the youngest member, little Tori, keeps having troubling dreams and anxiety about the visit. She has only just learned about slavery and the terrible past of America, and it is a lot for her to take in. The family realizes the significance of Tori’s dream and apprehensions when they finally visit the settlement, and then Tori and her siblings suddenly take a trip back in time. The siblings meet two runaway slave children (a set of twins) and realize why they were pulled to the past—to help the twins make it to freedom. read more
“unRIP” by Aneeta Hall
“unRIP” by Aneeta Hall 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
“unRIP” by Aneeta Hall is the tragic story of Karina Stark, a twenty-year-old female gothic death metal band singer whose gruesome murder and self-published diary skyrockets her to legendary status overnight. In death, Karina’s fan base multiplies into a cult-like following as teenage misfits flock to her gravesite to celebrate the short life of a rock star. As the investigation into Karina’s murder evolves, Karina’s self-published diary becomes a bestseller amongst music fans and gospel for true crime enthusiasts.  Gloria Stark, Karina’s mother, becomes the focus of both the investigation and the relentless taunts from misguided fans and paparazzi. Unbeknownst to her growing fan base Karina’s fame was based on bullying, lies, and deception. read more
“A Flower to Remember” by John Clay Harvey
“A Flower to Remember” by John Clay Harvey 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
“A Flower to Remember” is the story of Milo Van Buren, a young doctor being trained in the ways of medicine by his grandfather. Milo is trying desperately to come up with ideas that will help him cure his mother’s failing memory before she hurts herself, or someone else, or simply forgets who he is completely. read more