One teen’s single-night journey full of magic, surprise, and introspection. “Because of the Night” is a creative, lively, and delightful read. Written for teens, many ages will easily enjoy this story. In fact, there were times I was convinced the author had hidden “Easter eggs” for the adults; little gems of humor that only those who lived in the last millennium will appreciate. 
“Our Threatened Kin - Fur, Feather & Fin: Verses on India’s Vanishing Wildlife” by Dev Shah is an encyclopedia style book of unique, exotic, and vanishing animals from India. The target audience is Teen/YA, but I believe it would also be great for young readers. The book presents a list of animals native to different regions within India. Each animal has its own feature spread. Within its pages, readers will find a beautiful, accurate image; a descriptive information paragraph; a map showing the region where they are located; and a color-coded status on each animal.
“A Warm Touch” by Connor Shane is an adventure set several hundred years in the future where WWIII has destroyed all humans. Prior to their extinction, scientists had been experimenting with gene splicing, combining the DNA of 22 humans with the DNA of eleven species. A male and female were created from each species, including the wolf, kangaroo, snake, hawk, hyena, tiger, coyote, monkey, fox, panther, and even a dragon. In addition to carrying both human and animal traits, these humanoids tend to be very colorful. The test subjects were hidden underground when the humans were annihilated. After the damage to the planet settled, earth became known as FourEarth. Society developed within the United Cores. There are eleven cores which are further broken down into sectors. The area outside the cores is undeveloped and much of it is unexplored.
I must say that since I was a child, more years than I care to admit to, the books written for this age group have gotten so much better and I am very grateful for that. A Home Called Haven: The Lower World is the first in a new series named A Home Called Haven and it is an absolutely wonderful beginning for a series that I hope will be around for a very long time….. Think Magic Treehouse here everyone.
Jexter Bladebrace is a great name for a hero and in this fantasy novel, we follow Jexter as he battles against alien foes who are attempting to take the Earth for themselves. He has some people who are accompanying him on this journey, Shelly and Mac, as they resist a terrible foe and they further encounter beings along the way who offer help and assistance.
“The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses” is a fascinating and facile second edition fantasy by K.N. Smith, an award-winning writer who appeals in both charisma and passion in promoting innovations, talents, and natural endowments, globally.  The books prologue grips with shock and alarm, when a squabble between one authoritative Joaquin and his friend Ross quickly spins into a dreadful and gruesome sight, and one that may take forever to rub off the minds of Della and Juson, a loving couple who stumbles across the two during an adventure of their lifetime in the forest.
In "Flounder!" siblings Haden, Ella Grace, and Walker are spending the day with their grandparents, Nana T and Pop, by the shore, and are begging to check the crab trap and go fishing! The kids playfully tease Nana T until they are on their way to the water. While there, they spot a fish mixed in with the crabs that looks pretty strange - its body is flat, and it has both eyes on the same side of its head! This sparks a discussion on the fish known as the flounder and makes Haden want to go fishing for a big one. Haden experiences an exciting time while fishing that results in help from Pop, but also a new fishing hat, just like he wanted. "Flounder!" showcases a happy and carefree family who is respectful of themselves and what's around them. The love they have for each other is evident in their actions. "Flounder!" is a moment in time memorialized by Nana T to serve as both a keepsake for her and her family as well as a model for others on how to use what's in nature as a means to learn in a less traditional way than pen and paper. The story contains some mild excitement while pairing as a way of learning.
Sprout is young, Sprout is small, and Sprout is not very strong. But, when Sprout’s birthday party is ruined by Shade Man, and a whole year goes by of Shade Man casting his shadow, Sprout decides it’s time to do something about it. The shade is causing all the forest family to be sad. With Shade Man blocking the sun, there are no parties and no fun. So, Sprout brings together his whole forest family to move Shade Man and bring back the sun. Even the older trees, who are hesitant to move their roots, decide a change is needed. 
"Bertie's Christmas Adventure" by Mandy Woolf tells how a toy, specifically a beach ball, saves Christmas and overcomes his fears to do so.
“Nature Study Buddies” is an inspiring and educative children’s book by award-winning author Charlene McIver, and the third book of her “Leigh’s Wheelie Adventures” series. In this story, Leigh, Tara, and Cosmo are close friends who are trying to figure out what kind of animals they will study for their school program.
“The Moon Child” shines a light on representation for kids that have been adopted inter-country. A resource for both children and adoptive parents looking to celebrate inter-country adoptions without losing a part of their child’s origin, this heart-warming story is a perfect addition to every bookshelf. 
tarting a kid's book with the murder of an old man? Bold move, but it sure got my attention. Many in town spoke of the recently deceased Oren Appleton as the “hermit of Oak Hill.” But to the main character, he was a beloved grandfather.  We first meet Olly and his parents as they move into the inherited house on Oak Hill in Littleton, Massachusetts. Olly has very fond memories of his grandfather spending time with him roaming through natural areas, exploring, and playing games. Olly’s love for nature, and specifically plants, comes directly from his grandfather’s influence. So, while Olly mourns the passing of his grandfather, he sees the possibility of great adventure in exploring the woods of Oak Hill that the older man adored. Having befriended a girl in town who shares his love for nature, Olly inadvertently begins a journey of discovery that will change their lives.
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