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“Touch of Kindness” by R. Loomis
“Touch of Kindness” by R. Loomis 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
In R. Loomis’ “Touch of Kindness,” it all started in a quiet town in Texas. Dori’s high school days were anything but extraordinary – she blended into the background, never part of the popular crowd, never experiencing the fleeting romance of teenage love, and constantly feeling like those around her overlooked her. Dori yearned for someone who would truly see her for who she was. Then everything changed with the arrival of Charlotte, a mysterious new girl in town who would catalyze a series of astonishing events in Dori’s life. read more
“The Witchfinder’s Sacrifice” by Rande Goodwin
“The Witchfinder’s Sacrifice” by Rande Goodwin 678 1024 Reader Views Kids
Nate Watson’s life bears little resemblance to the one he had only a few months ago.  He’s seen and done crazy things since he and his younger brother Marc came to live with their Aunt Celia.  While his worldview has completely changed, he’s hoping he can get back to living an ordinary high-schooler’s existence now.  After all, isn’t that scary enough?  But as “The Witchfinder’s Sacrifice” by Rande Goodwin opens, it’s exceedingly apparent that something wicked has returned. read more
“Vaxxed” by T.C. Grantham
“Vaxxed” by T.C. Grantham 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Grantham weaves a young adult medical thriller packed with elements of action, intrigue, and romance, encompassed by a frightening realism that rings close to home. The book takes on the first-person narrative, immersing us into the world of the unvaccinated through Hannah, and those vaccinated through Cooper. read more
“Rebirth of Meredith Hallow” by Suz Eglington
“Rebirth of Meredith Hallow” by Suz Eglington 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Carrying a story over the course of several books is no easy task. It’s the writing equivalent of running a marathon. Suz Eglington keeps the momentum going in “Rebirth of Meredith Hallow: Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series,” the third outing for her protagonist. In this volume, Kiara is straddling the line between adolescence and adulthood, trying to prepare to be a queen while still attempting to understand – and control – her new powers. All this while trying to fulfill a promise to find and rescue Meredith Hallow. And not set herself on fire. read more
“Rebirth of Meredith Hallow” by Suz Eglington
“Rebirth of Meredith Hallow” by Suz Eglington 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Up until the age of 16, Kiara Noir lived a quiet existence on a reservation in Colorado, growing produce with her mother. Soon after, she learned that she is really a princess from another world, destined to become a Blood Queen, the rarest and most powerful type of queen. Thrown into this strange new world, Kiara has to learn to master her elemental powers, as well as the workings of her vast kingdom. She has her mother’s support, but after taking the position of heir to the throne from her cousin Katana, the other princess has become a dangerous enemy. With constant attempts on her life, Kiara had better learn how to tell friend from foe very quickly, or else she won’t live to begin her reign in Homeland Castle. read more
“Bill’s Magic Box II” by R.C. Hammond
“Bill’s Magic Box II” by R.C. Hammond 716 1024 Reader Views Kids
What would you do if pirates buried treasure in your backyard? Would you like to hear the story of a boy who was blown away by the wind? And what kinds of words are used for groups of animals? These are just some of the topics young readers get to explore in the poems included in the poetry book, “Bill’s Magic Box II: Stories for Children” by R.C. Hammond. With colorful verses and whimsical ideas, these poems are delightful and fun to read. The poems are all about things that a young child may find interesting, especially the poems that tell a story. read more