Aunt Tina and the A.I. Squirrels Trilogy Experience by Lorrie Hewitt

Aunt Tina and the A.I. Squirrels Trilogy Experience by Lorrie Hewitt 175 175 Reader Views Kids

Aunt Tina and the A.I. Squirrels Trilogy Experience (Books 1, 2 and 3)

Lorrie Hewitt
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 979-8764900872
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (09/2022)

“Aunt Tina and the A.I. Squirrels Trilogy Experience (Books 1,2 and 3)”, by Lorrie O. Hewitt, is three stories in oneā€”all about the life of A.I. Squirrels. What are A.I. Squirrels, you may ask? They are technically designed to copy humans and the way we think. Sounds impossible? Not when you read this interesting and unique book. You too may come to believe that these little creatures could be real.

We open with the introduction, where we meet the head of a homeowners’ association, Mr. Meyers, who is in charge of beautifying a gated neighborhood in Indiana. The reading audience is invited to join the A.I. Squirrels universe. One of the most important things to know about these special squirrels is that they learn through observation. There is also a teasing mystery as to whether this story even happened, allowing the reader to be the judge in the end.

In episode one, which is called “First Encounter”, we get to know Aunt Tina as she explains how she first became familiar with the A.I. Squirrels, via Mr. Meyers, who wants to use them be beautify her property and needs her to sign on the dotted line for it to become a reality. After he describes how these squirrels will rake leaves, gather garbage, mow the lawn, shovel snow, plant flowers, and provide companionship on a human scale, it’s almost too tempting for her to resist. Even when he says their interactions will be recorded, and she will pay monthly for the squirrel service, even going so far as to pay their cellphone bill. Aunt Tina is, after all, one of five select families asked to participate in this A.I. program. So, she signs.

Episode two is called “The Lawnmower Incident”, and this is where the A.I. Squirrel Sandy is mowing the lawn and destroys her pearl necklace when she runs over it with the lawnmower. Tina feels partially at fault since she dropped the necklace in the grass. This causes Sandy to want inside Tina’s house to get the remains of her necklace. This lawnmower incident prompts unexpected activity from the disgruntled squirrels. She hears them on the roof, but can they get in? Will they? You have to read to find out. Episode three is called “The Scouts”, episode four is “Pizza Party”, where we indulge in cookies and pizza with the characters. Episode five is “Annual Work Review”, and episode six is “Choir Rehearsal”.

The author uses her talents to entertain through cute, quirky, amusing stories, and her style is original and heartfelt. If you are looking for something different, “Aunt Tina and the A.I. Squirrels Trilogy Experience (Books 1,2 and 3)”, by Lorrie O. Hewitt, just might be the next book you pick up.

    • LaTonia Smith

      Aunt Tina and the A.I. Trilogy although it may seem appear futuristict this type of A.I. may not be so far fetched. The stories are intriguing and funny. A must read.

  • Vanessa Hewitt

    Aunt Tina’s Fun Products, LLC has always delivered awesome products for children and parents. These 3 books have been fantastic for my students! The engagement, follow-up questions, and pure excitement that the students give when we read these books are amazing. Truly a gem! I would highly recommend. Rather you are needing a new book for a class, bedtime stories or for your child’s collection. You will not go wrong.

  • Yolanda Meyers

    Give this lady a ?! Excellent work on this read. I appreciate the time energy and enthusiasm you poured into your writing for a humorous and joyful time for your readers. Much success to you Lorrie Hewitt! Keep up the good work

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