Around One Cactus By Anthony D. Fredericks

Around One Cactus By Anthony D. Fredericks 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Around One Cactus: Owls, Bats and Leaping Rats
Anthony D. Fredericks
Dawn Publications (2003)
ISBN 1584690526
Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 6) for Reader Views (11/10)

What a great way to teach children ages 4 to 10 about living in the desert and what kind of cactus and animals you will find. The pictures and art are awesome and keep children’s attention. Children will learn new words and what type of things one would find in the desert.


“I never knew all these animals lived in the desert and I didn’t know much about cactus until I read this. It rhymes which we are learning about in school now. I liked the color in the pictures and it was easy to read. I learned some new words and now I am smarter. My Nana and I gave this book and others that I reviewed to a shelter for moms and kids. You have to read to get smarter.”


“Around One Cactus: Owls, Bats and Leaping Rats” was another book Zoey loved, she is very interested in who lives in different parts of the world, what they eat and are they dangerous. Zoey has decided this year that any books she reviews she will share with kids who are homeless or living in a shelter.

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