Ariel’s Journey (The Ice Horse Adventures, Book One)
Doug Kane and Christy Wood
Blue Ink Press (2008)
ISBN 9780981723402
Reviewed by Avery Largent (age 9) for Reader Views (12/08)

“Ariel’s Journey” by Doug Kane and Christy Wood is a good book about a few girls who go on an adventure, back 800-years before their time, while trying to make amends with each other.  This book was interesting and written well, and the plot had many details and was complicated.  The characters were likeable and well-developed, and my only complaint is that the characters seemed to start enjoying each other entirely too fast.

I liked this book and the way the plot was written.  It had many details and was complicated; therefore the book was more interesting.  The authors were able to squeeze in more magic, fights, and mini-mysteries, and without that, the book would be very much less enjoyable.  The authors did a good job writing out the plot, and though it was complex, it was not hard to understand what was happening.

Besides liking the plot, I really enjoyed the characters.  They were so very well developed and their conversations were enjoyable.  Even if the authors only wrote their names for a chapter or two, throughout the whole book you could still pick out the characters in a conversation.   Also, the characters grew and changed throughout the book, and the authors were able to maintain each character’s personality well.

Although I really liked this book, there was still one drawback.  The characters, at the beginning of the story, very much hated each other.  Their horse ride was supposed to be for them to make amends, and since they hated each other so much you would expect it to take a long time.  But no, it seemed very unrealistic how fast the characters took to each other.  I think it would have made more sense if the authors had added in a little more time to the beginning for them to still dislike each other.

Altogether, “Ariel’s Journey” by Doug Kane and Christy Wood is a good book.  With an interesting plot and well-developed characters, this book has only one drawback: how fast the characters began liking each other after disliking each other for so long.  I would recommend this book to my friends and plan to read the next ones in the series.  I hope Doug Kane and Christy Wood write more books, and whoever else reads this book savors it as much as I did.

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