Animalkind by Sean P. Griffin

Animalkind by Sean P. Griffin 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Sean P. Griffin
PublishAmerica (2008)
ISBN 9781604745535
Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 14) for Reader Views (3/08)

Thane is a normal teenage boy — normal, in the world of Aegea.  Aegea is a medieval world where everyone has both a human form and an animal form.  Where the members of the Five Realms are constantly warring, the Realms of Carnivore, Vegan, Aquan, Avian and the lesser-known Reptile must survive by instinct coupled with sheer animosity.

Thane, the son of the Vegan King Arvyn who had led his people from carnivore land into the safe haven of Arvyndale, has been having strange headaches, some so violent that they cause him to pass out.  When he and some other members of the village are almost killed in an assassination attempt, he discovers that his animal form has changed from a horse to a mythical creature, giving him magic powers.  An evil man named Fatalis, with his carnivore army, is heading towards Arvyndale.  Now Thane must use his powers to defend the village from odds of 1000 to one.

Sean P. Griffin excels in his book “Animalkind.”  This novel is a truly great work of fiction and balances suspense and plot with character development seamlessly.  “Animalkind” is for young readers from ages 12 and up, who enjoy animals, eating animals or watching animals eat other animals.

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