Animal Skins by Mary Holland

Animal Skins by Mary Holland 425 500 Reader Views Kids

Animal Skins
Mary Holland
Arbordale Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9781643513393
Reviewed by Lydia (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (03/20)

“Animal Skins” by Mary Holland is about lots of animals and how their skin protects them or does something for them. Animals in this book include the butterfly/moth, cicada, porcupine, skunk, fawn, bird, frog, salamander, toad, snake, and turtle. For each of the animals, you learn if it has fur, hair, feathers, or scales, and then how those help that animal. Usually feathers will keep an animal warm and it will also protect it and its babies. For some animals, they can breathe through their skin and their nose! Some animals shed their old skin because their skin doesn’t grow with them, but for others, like me, their skin stays the same all the time. There are a lot of reptiles in this book, and there are lots of mammals.

I like this book because I got to learn about lots of different animals. I already knew some of the information in the book, but I also learned a lot of new things, too. The pictures of the animals are pretty and fun to look at. I like the extra activities in the back of the book to help me learn more about what I just read. I think kids of all ages will like this book.

Note from Mom: This is a fun book to help reinforce learning about animals for kids. Most of the animals in the book are common ones that the kids will already know something about, maybe just what it looks like, but then they get to learn more about it from the simple text by the author. This book, combined with the others in this series about animals: ears, eyes, legs, mouths, noses, tails, and fur and feathers, will help our little readers be more knowledgeable about the animals around them that they might see every day. Lydia has seen many cicadas and frogs in our yard, so she enjoyed getting to read about these animals she occasionally sees.     

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