Animal Adventures Collection By Mission City Press

Animal Adventures Collection By Mission City Press 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Animal Adventures Collection (The Beginner’s Bible Series)
Mission City Press
Zonderkidz (2010)
ISBN 9780310720379
Reviewed by Madison (age 4) and Hailey (age 2) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (08/10)

“Animal Adventures Collection (The Beginner’s Bible Series)” is a collection of four books that each tell a different Bible story and lesson related to animals and the biblical character they are with.  The four stories are “Elephant’s Big Ride: The story of Noah,” “Little Lamb’s Big Scare: The parable of the Sheppard and his lost sheep,” “Fish’s Big Scare: The story of Jonah” and “Lion’s Big Sleepover: The story of Daniel.”  Each book tells the biblical story along with a lesson in God’s protection and love.  The stories are aimed to keep children ages 2-5 interested and involved in learning about God.

The girls’ thoughts:

“Little Lamb’s Big Scare”

Madison: “Sheppard counted all his sheep, one went missing.  He looked everywhere!  He looked up, he looked down; he couldn’t find him anywhere.  The little lost lamb was scared.  He said baa, baa and then he ran out.  He saw the Sheppard.  The little lamb went back to all the other sheep and got to play.  He was not sad or missing anymore.  It teaches us about God, God keeps us safe!”

Hailey: “Sheep, sheep baa!  One sheep.  Sheep was playing.  Sheep all gone.  Next page, sheep baa!  He happy.  Sheep sleep.”

“Lion’s Big Sleepover”

Madison: “Lion licked his lips, he was hungry.  A man fell in, boom!  The lion looked at him, he looked at the lion.  All the other lions licked their lips.  Daniel prayed to God.  Then an angel appeared and closed the lions’ hungry mouths.  The king said ‘Daniel, are you okay?’  He said ‘yes’ and they had lunch.  Then they threw one in for the lion.  I liked it!”

Hailey: “Lion, lion Roar!  He eating a bone.  He chewing on it.  Lion not eating.  Lion not eating and licking.  Lion is looking.  He put his tongue away.  They are eating a bone.

“Fish’s Big Catch”

Madison: “Jonah had to go to the people but they were too mean there.  He wanted to go the other way.  He got on a boat.  There was a big storm.  He told the people ‘put me over the boat.’  They said ‘Man overboard!’ when they tossed him in.  Then a big fish swallowed him.  He was inside the fish’s belly, tumble, tumble, then the fish spit him out and Jonah said, ‘Thanks for the ride!’  He went to the mean people.  We learn God forgives us when we disobey.  My favorite part is MAN OVERBOARD!  It’s funny!”

Hailey:  “Fish, fish, fish.  He climbing in this boat.  No read it right now, yah read it!  Fish fall down in this.  Fish spit him out, plah!”

“Elephant’s Big Ride”

Madison:  “Right this way!  They got on a big boat.  ‘Are you hungry my friend?’ he said.  We have peanuts.  Moo clack, and echo inside the boat.  Boom, Boom Rain!  Are you feeling a little sea sick?  It’s okay; it stopped raining and thundering.  Go on little bird, find land.  Then struck!  It stuck the land.  Time to go clean up the land.  A rainbow showed it was a new day from God.  We learn God protects us even if it’s scary.  My favorite page was the peanuts page!  ‘Are you hungry my friend?’”

Hailey:  “Elephant, Elephant went in a boat.  And doggy.  Everything fall down.  This one all gone, this one all gone.  This all better.  Lion, doggy, giraffe, elephant.”


I absolutely loved this box set!  The girls loved the stories and keep asking to read them.  Each story is fun and interactive for parent and child to read together.  The stories were really easy for the girls to remember and learn the lesson too.  Madison was reading these stories to me after a few reads.  Hailey does not like to sit still for long, and would sit through all four books!  I cannot say enough for these books.  From the text to the illustrations and simplicity of sharing God’s love, protection and strength, “Animal Adventures Collection (The Beginner’s Bible Series)” is a set I would definitely recommend to others.  I plan to look and see if they have any other box sets for sale.  The books are also sold individually, but are boxed in a buy three get one free price point.  They are right on target for children ages 2 -5 years.


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