Angels of Faith By Claire Candy Hough

Angels of Faith By Claire Candy Hough 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Angels of Faith
Claire Candy Hough
Angel Healing House (2009)
ISBN 9780981857602
Reviewed by Tisha Dundee (10) for Reader Views (02/10)

“Angels of Faith” is a beautiful story that teaches our souls pass out of our bodies when we die and go to the light. When we are there we have lessons to learn.

Faith, the girl in the story,  learned a lot about this when visiting Miss Angela Loving in a nursing home.  Miss Loving told stories about angels.

I loved this story and I read it three times. I loved the way Miss Loving was so sweet to Faith and told her things. There were many times I would stop when I was reading and talk about what I read with my Mom.  She was able to explain some things I didn’t know. The pictures in the book really helped a lot too. They are beautiful.


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