Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers
(Andrea Carter Series #3)
Susan K. Marlow
Kregel Publications (2008)
ISBN 9780825434464
Reviewed by Sara McGinn (age 9) for Reader Views (3/09)


Twelve-year-old Andrea Carter has another big adventure!  This time she stars in Susan K. Marlow’s “Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers.”  When a flood forces the Fresno schoolhouse to close, Andrea is excited for her month of fun until she hears she’s getting enrolled at Miss Whitaker’s Academy for Young Ladies.  Andrea doesn’t want to stay until she meets her roommate, Jenny.  Andrea and Jenny both like Lin Mei, a mistreated Chinese servant girl.  They get very worried when Lin Mei runs away at the same time Miss Whitaker’s jewelry goes missing!  When Andrea and Jenny find Lin Mei, they decide to go to Chinatown.  They go to a Safe Mission house so Lin Mei will be safe, but they get caught!  What will Andrea and Jenny do?  Find out when you read “Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers.”

This book was wonderfully adventurous and action packed!  You’ll be glad to know the author wrote a terrific book!

My favorite part in this book is when Lin Mei goes missing because I knew it was the start of a great adventure!  I liked when Jenny, Andrea and Lin Mei go to Chinatown as well because it was fun to read the action in that part of the story.  I also learned about how terribly the Chinese were treated a long time ago.

I would change nothing in this book and I would definitely recommend “Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers” to my friends!


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