Amy’s Light By Robert Nutt

Amy’s Light By Robert Nutt 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Amy’s Light
Robert Nutt
Dawn Publications (2010)
ISBN 9781584691297
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 5-1/2) and Mom for Reader Views (03/10)

The book “Amy’s Light” is the story about a girl named Amy discovering the magic of fireflies.

Cayden:   “I liked when she got out of bed when it was dark out and looked out the window and saw all of the stars lighting up outside.  Then I liked when she got a jar out of the cabinet and went outside and caught the fireflies!  We see fireflies when we go camping with dad.  I don’t think we have ever caught any though.  We should bring a jar with us next time we go.  That girl in the book sure caught a lot of them!  My favorite picture was when she let them all go in her room!”

Parent’s comments:

“Amy’s Light” by Robert Nutt is one of those books that takes you back to your childhood.  I love the words on the opening page of the book:  “It was a time of innocence.  A time of ‘kick the can’ and climbing trees, of riding bikes and skinning knees, of endless days and porch swing nights, watching flickering dancing lights.  It was a time to remember.”  This is a wonderful book to share with that special young person in your life!

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