Alphabetical Sleepy Sheep (with CD) by Rory Zuckerman

Alphabetical Sleepy Sheep (with CD) by Rory Zuckerman 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Alphabetical Sleepy Sheep (with CD)
Rory Zuckerman
Little Lion Press (2007)
ISBN 9780979639319
Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5) and Max (age 20-months) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (4/08)


“Alphabetical Sleepy Sheep” is a bedtime board book that teaches the letters of the alphabet through fun rhymes.  The book has an accompanying audio CD that plays the story and has a sheep “Baaaa” so little ones know when to turn the page.

Cayden:  “Look!  He has letter magnets on his fridge like we do!”

Max:  “Magnets!”

Max:  “Bike!”

Cayden:  “Yes Max that is a bike!  We have bikes!”

Cayden:  “Indigo?  That’s not indigo, that is purple!”

Cayden:  “I like the ‘A’ page because she is pulling the alligator.”

Cayden:  “I also like the page with all of the letters in a row because I like to name them.”

Cayden:  “I liked this book!  It was really fun!”

Max:  “Fun!  Sheep!”

Parent’s comments:
“Alphabetical Sleepy Sheep” is another great book from the Sleepy Sheep series!  It is both fun and educational.  Cayden loved pointing out and naming the letters on each page.  The CD was wonderful as well and is easy for preschoolers to follow as there is a “Baaaa” every time it is time

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