Along Came You by Karona Drummond

Along Came You by Karona Drummond 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Along Came You
Karona Drummond
Zonderkidz (2009)
ISBN 9780310715085
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (1/09)

“Along Came You” looks at the life of a mother both before and after the arrival of her child.  Each page looks at how things are changed when there is a little one in the house.  For instance, “Before you, my world was quiet.  After you, there is joyful noise.”

Cayden:  “I liked how the mom hung up the girl’s projects like you hang up our projects on the fridge.  The girl has her bear at the breakfast like I sometimes have my moose.  I liked the pictures in the book, especially when they had the picnic.  I liked the story.  That mom does a lot of things that you do mom.   Was it quiet in your house too before we were here?”

Parent’s comments:
I think that “Along Came You” by Karona Drummond explores an avenue that many children have never thought about, what their mom’s life was like before they were in it and how when they came along things changed.  It is a unique and fun book and any young child will easily be able to relate to both the text and the illustrations.


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