All the Things I Love About You
LeUyen Pham
Balzar + Bray (2010)
ISBN 9780061990298
Reviewed by Max Aures (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (1/11)

“All of the Things I Love About You” explores all of the fun things a mother loves about her child from the way his hair sticks straight up in the morning to how she loves when he holds her hand.

Max’s comments:

“This mommy loves lots about her kid.  My hair looks like that boy’s hair looks sometimes too.  It sticks up in the back.  He is a really messy eater.  He had food everywhere!  I don’t think you like it when I make a mess.  I liked when he learned to ride his bike and when he was on the slide.”

Parent’s comments:

When I opened the book and read, “For all those mamas who love their little boys, this book is for you” right after the title page I knew I was going to like the book.  I could relate to almost everything that the author “loved” about her boy.  “All the Things I Love About You” is a heartwarming book and would make a wonderful gift for any mother of a young boy.

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