All-Star Season (Kar-Ben for Older Readers) by Tovah Yavin

All-Star Season (Kar-Ben for Older Readers) by Tovah Yavin 150 150 Reader Views Kids

All-Star Season (Kar-Ben for Older Readers)
Tovah Yavin
Kar-Ben Publishing (2007)
ISBN 9781580132114
Reviewed by Osvaldo Peralta (age 12) for Reader Views (1/08)


Avi and Reuven are brothers and they both love baseball.  Their dream is to make it on their local All-Star team.  They both go to a Jewish school, but that is the only thing that makes them different from the other guys on the team.  Reuben is in the 9th-grade and Avi is in the 8th-grade.  Reuben is one of the fastest pitchers on the baseball team.  He knows how to throw a fastball, but he would love to throw a curveball. Against his father’s wishes, Reuven gets a book that teaches him how to throw a curve.  His father warned him that he was not ready and he would mess-up his arm, but he did not listen.  Reuben hurts his arm and is not able to play.  He brother gets the position in the All-Star team.  The brothers learn how to be competitive and supportive of each other.

I liked this book, it was excellent.  I liked it because my favorite sport is baseball and you cannot predict the ending of the book like most stories.  I highly recommend “All-Star Season” to kids that love sports.

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