All Kinds of Families! by Mary Ann Hoberman

All Kinds of Families! by Mary Ann Hoberman 150 150 Reader Views Kids

All Kinds of Families!
Mary Ann Hoberman
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2009)
ISBN 9780316146333
Reviewed by Cayden (age 5) and Max (age 3) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (10/09)


“All Kinds of Families!” explores many different kinds of “families” like eggs in a carton and chalk for a blackboard.

Cayden:  “I think everything has a family but I didn’t know that before!  Everything that is the same in a group is a family like all of the pencils, or the sticks, or silverware.  I liked the pictures in the book.  There were a lot of different things to look at.  My favorite part was when all of the things were on shelves and I found all of the families.”

Max:  “I liked the page with the moon and the stars.  They are a family the book said.  I liked the tree house picture.  I wish we had one of those!”

Parent’s comments:
“All Kinds of Families!” by Mary Ann Hoberman is a creative book showing the relationships among different items and of actual human families.  The illustrations were fun and complemented the text nicely.  I like books that make my children think and this was definitely one of them!


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