All Aboard with Noah (Lift the Flap) by Juliet David

All Aboard with Noah (Lift the Flap) by Juliet David 150 150 Reader Views Kids

All Aboard with Noah (Lift the Flap)
Juliet David
Candle Books (2010)
ISBN 9781859858646
Reviewed by Madison (age 4) and Hailey (age 2) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (09/10)

All Aboard! The flood is coming and Noah and his family are preparing as God has told them to do! They must first build the Ark and then load all the animals two by two along with food and Noah’s family. Don’t forget to shut the door as the rain starts to fall! Noah’s family and the animals will not go hungry on their journey because they have prepared by obeying God. Soon a dove sent to scout for land will find some and the ark will settle on dry land for all to exit and find a beautiful rainbow! This flap book will have children discovering the many animals of the ark as they lift and look!

My daughters’ opinions:

Madison:  “So great! They are making a boat house. They are in the boat and making food. They are inside the boat and then the rainbow came out! They could get out of the boat. The bird found land.”

Hailey:  “What is that? A ladybug, a little girl, a birdie. This man building. Flowers, there is sheep and a lion! Look a sandwich!! A lion (Rawr)! Look carrots! A birdie, a bunny, a giraffe. A rainbow! I like flaps!”

Moms review:

I enjoyed the vivid and wonderful illustrations in this book. There were so many different things to look at and catch the eye. The colors were bright and cheery and the illustrations told the story in their own way. The story text was well written but over shadowed by the illustrations and mostly the flaps! I had a hard time getting the girls to tell me what actually happened in the book and didn’t feel they were paying attention to the story as much as the flaps. Either way this book was quite a hit with my daughters.

Unfortunately, the book is not well constructed and I was very disappointed. If I had spent $11.99 plus tax at a book store for this book I would have returned it if possible. The flaps are not well done for young children under the age of 5. Within 5 minutes of having the book in our possession we lost 2 tabs due to the construction of the book. My husband had to tape them back into the book for the girls to use them. They are not held onto the page well and are very easy to pull off even if you are being gentle. They also get bent or caught easily due to the way the flaps stay when opened because of the books construction. I expected more to a flap book than some hot glue and a tab. We have multiple flap books at our house that have been well constructed and thought out by the publisher/author/maker of the book. They have held up to the worst of situations and are enjoyed almost every day by my children. I fear this one will not last long and it is a shame. At least they will have a great story and wonderful illustrations when all the flaps are no longer stuck to the pages of the book.

I would recommend “All Aboard with Noah” for children ages 3-5 based on the story and children ages 5 and up due to the construction of the flaps.

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