Aline and the Blue Bottle
Carolina Ugaz-Morán
Carolina Ugaz-Moran (2019)
ISBN 9781734072808
Reviewed by Ciara (age 13) for Reader Views Kids (2/20)

I wish more authors would realize, most kids pick out books because of their covers and this is an amazing cover. The main character Aline, her creepy house and the promise of other realm creatures, surrounded by little sparks of magic, just brings the story to life.

“Aline and the Blue Bottle” by Carolina Ugaz-Morán is a wonderful magical story of a girl named Aline who just wants to be like everyone else, normal. In an instant her life changes and she finds out her past is anything but normal.

The first three chapters tells the reader of the past and how things ended up the way they are. I found this point a little difficult to read, I think it was because I had to slow down to sound out the different creatures names as they were quite unusual. But at chapter four the story changes and I found at this point the story started to get really good.

Aline of course is my favorite character. She found happiness even when things weren’t so great and is the kind of person good things should happen to.

The author created a beautiful world, and with the words she used it was easy to envision what it looked like as you were reading. I thought the idea of not having a traditional school to go to but learning from nature and life’s experiences would be great. This world seemed so peaceful, and the castle where you can ask for anything you like was amazing.

I liked how the author paired Aline up with friends she could trust, it made the story more interesting with the way the characters helped one another. During their journey for the bottle this was an important part of the story line.

“Aline and the Blue Bottle” by Carolina Ugaz-Morán is a magical adventure that takes you into a world of unusual creatures, landscapes and power. The storyline starts off slow for the reader to understand Aline’s past, but then takes you on a journey to unlock the hidden secrets of this new world and find out about Aline’s true powers. I look forward to Aline’s new adventures in this series.

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