Alfred Zector, Book Collector by Kelly Dipucchio

Alfred Zector, Book Collector by Kelly Dipucchio 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Alfred Zector, Book Collector 
Kelly Dipucchio
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780060005818
Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (age 6) for Reader Views (05/10)



“Alfred took all the books and made all the people sad. He filled his house up, which made it round and books were no longer in the town. His house looked like a boat with a roof. So he read every book. But something was missing. All the people had no books to read and were bored. He wanted to share his love of books, so he gave them away. I liked that when he was an old man he climbed up the chimney and gave a little boy a book.”

Parent’s comments:

First, the illustrations make the story super fun. Alfred, and his trusty turtle, finds he loves books more than anything else. Thus starts an obsession to buy and read every book available, which ends up being all books in the town. There is a great lesson at the end of “Alfred Zector, Book Collector” where we find that books and books alone don’t make Alfred happy – but sharing the books does!

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