Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising by Jason Henderson

Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising by Jason Henderson 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising
Jason Henderson
HarperTeen (2010)
ISBN 9780061950995
Reviewed by Avni Gupta (age 17) for Reader Views (07/10)


When I received “Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising,” I was really excited about reading it. I have read so many vampire books, so I was really looking forward to another take on the common topic. I definitely was not disappointed, and to make things even better, this book is targeted towards guys! I know that most of the young adult books these days are not being targeted towards guys, and it has always been really hard for me to find a book to give my cousin when his birthday rolls around. It’s also really great that this book is targeted towards guys because I know a lot of guys who have stopped reading vampire books because of the Twilight phenomenon. Along with being targeted towards guys, it is also a really good read for girls too!

This book starts out with Alex being kicked out of school for fighting. He is then sent to a boarding school in Switzerland, the Glenarvon Academy. Soon after arriving, Alex is already enemies with his roommate and has already been attacked by a vampire.  Can things get any worse for a fourteen-year-old just entering high school?  Well they definitely can when you’re a decedent of one of the most famous vampire hunters of all time.

I really enjoyed this book, because not only was it about vampires, it was one of those no nonsense, no “Oh I love you so much but you’re a vampire and you might kill me!” kind of books. It made reading it so much more interesting!

I really, really enjoyed all of the colors on the cover. They made the book so much more aesthetically pleasing, and that made reading it so much more enjoyable. The mix of blues and purples on the top and greens and yellows on the bottom made the eyes travel from area to area on the cover very easily. “Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising” is definitely worth the money for just the cover alone!

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