Adventures of Riley: South Pole Penguins
Amanda Lumry & Laura Hurwitz
Eaglemont Press (2007)
ISBN 9780974841151
Reviewed by LakeFurney (age 9) for Reader Views (1/08)


Riley goes to Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth, with his Uncle Max, Aunt Martha and his cousin Alice for this adventure.  They go there to study penguins and their food supply because the Earth’s temperature is rising.  They study the Arctic food chain to find out if the penguins are getting enough.

This book is educational but a story as well.  I learned that when Antarctica was discovered, everyone wanted to claim it.  An agreement was made that it belongs to no one and anyone can go there.

I think “Adventures of Riley: South Pole Penguins” is good for kids ages 6-10.

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