Reader Views Kids
 is an Austin, Texas, based company. We started in late 2005 as a book review service and called ourselves Reader Views. Shortly after the company’s birth, we expanded into offering publicity and editing services to authors.

At the end of 2006 we decided to create Reader Views Kids and in early 2007 we launched it. This came as a result of realizing that adults write the kids books, adults decide which kids books are to be published, and then adults end reviewing the books. Something was wrong with this picture! So, we gathered up a team of kids and here we are. We are now having kids review kid’s books. They are asked to give their honest opinion and we can assure you, they do. Our team of reviewers take reading and reviewing books seriously.

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Our company’s goal is to provide quality service with professionalism, efficiency, and personal attention.

We strive to be a good friend to authors, publishers, and publicists, thus our service standard will exceed their expectation. We stand committed to continuously develop ourselves today, tomorrow and for the years to come.


Our team consists of volunteer reviewers ranging in ages from 3 to 18. The preschoolers review the books with their parents. The early readers get assistance from their parents, and the young readers work on their own with some assistance from the parents. The teen/young adults reviewers are on their own, with of course their parent’s support. We are extremely proud of our team.

What People Say

“Their willingness to make a personal connection with authors and readers alike manifests itself in a symposium of literature that can be depended on. As an indie author, it is platforms like these that keep the dream alive.”

Mr. Kind

A child reviewer is very unique, since they evaluate the book’s appeal to actual children…the readers!!  Reader Views also provides excellent marketing services in addition to their Awards Program.”

Sherrill S. Cannon

“I had a good experience with Reader Views Kids.  I love that my book was actually reviewed by a teenager and working with them was easy. I look forward to getting more books reviewed by Reader Views.”

Tracy Traynor