Abigail’s Mirror by Melissa Strangway

Abigail’s Mirror by Melissa Strangway 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Abigail’s Mirror 
Melissa Strangway
iUniverse (2010)
ISBN 9781440161766
Reviewed by Brenna Bales (age 12) for Reader Views (10/10)


In this fantastic novel by Melissa Strangway, Ravine and Derek are on their second journey into the supernatural dimension. Although this time, Derek doesn’t want anything to do with the strange mirror that Ravine bought at her favorite antique shop, Maybe Antiques. It has some strange vibe to it every time Ravine comes near it. She is positive that she will have another interesting adventure when she sees the mysterious girl looking back at her through the mirror. And it’s not her reflection. Derek has his own problems when his mother won’t tell him who the mysterious man is she is talking on the phone with, almost everyday. Every time he brings it up, she quickly changes the topic and won’t say anything about it. Will Ravine figure out what is happening with the mirror? And will Derek discover who the stranger is?

The author is a fabulous writer, for I found no mistake in her manuscript that hasn’t even been printed yet. With great word choice, and perfect sentence fluency, this author is a one-of-a-kind. This is the second book of the series, and now, after reading this book, I am eager to begin the first one. I hope it is as good as the second. I liked the author’s way of telling the story, and the storyline itself. There are a lot of books with a very similar storyline, but this one outran all of its competitors.

Children from ages 8-12 and young adults would feel comfortable reading this book. It wouldn’t be too young old for them, or too young for them. The author does a great job showing this in her writing. This author’s tone throughout the book changes from chapter to chapter – first casual, then serious and after that humorous. I like this style because it makes the novel interesting. I definitely hope to read many more books by this author, and suggest them to many people. I am excited to spread the word about “Abigail’s Mirror” and Melissa Strangway to many people wherever and whenever I can.

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