A Walk in the Rainforest By Kristin Joy Pratt

A Walk in the Rainforest By Kristin Joy Pratt 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Walk in the Rainforest
Kristin Joy Pratt
Dawn Publications (1992)
ISBN 9781878265999
Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 7) and Nana for Reader Views (7/11)

Written by a fifteen-year-old, this is the story about animals and plants that live in a rainforest. The pictures are amazing.  The ant, who is the main character, describes what he sees in the rainforest and gives details on what animals eat and where they live.


“I like the book but the words were hard to understand.  I thought the pictures were pretty and real. I have never been around a rainforest and had to learn what that was first. Then I read the book. The pictures were like someone painted them. I wish they would have put words in the back so I could learn what they mean. There were many words I didn’t know and I got tired of my Nana making me look up the words.”


“A Walk in the Rainforest” was a very detailed and informative book. However, Zoey is used to looking in the back for simple definitions of the words so she could relate them to what she knows. I think this frustrated her. She did like the pictures and, in general, the book.

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