A Swim through the Sea By Kristin Joy Pratt

A Swim through the Sea By Kristin Joy Pratt 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Swim through the Sea
Kristin Joy Pratt
Dawn Publications (1994)
ISBN 9781883220044
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views (12/10)

Cayden’s comments:

“This book tells about all kinds of different things that you will find in the sea.  It has something for every letter of the alphabet.  Like for “A” it says angelfish and then it tells about the angelfish.  At night, angelfish hide in rocks.  It said that some can be as small as my hand and some are as big as the book.  “J” is for jellyfish.  I learned that jellyfish use their tentacles to get fish.  I liked learning about all of the different things in the sea and I liked looking at the pictures in the book.”

Parent’s comments:

“A Swim through the Sea” is a wonderful guide to teach about all creatures in the sea.  From angelfish to zebrafish, so many different ocean inhabitants are covered in detail.  My son and I both learned a lot of neat facts.  We highly recommend this informative book!

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