“A Stellar Purpose” by Natacha Belair

“A Stellar Purpose” by Natacha Belair 175 262 Reader Views Kids

A Stellar Purpose

Natacha Belair
Koehler Books (2022)
ISBN: 978-1646637812
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (11/2022)

I love to read a book that is well written, fun, enchanting, and has a purpose for being written. In her first book, Natacha Belair has successfully given me all of these reasons to read, plus some, and I am thrilled.

In “A Stellar Purpose,” we are introduced to Avery, who is a normal 15-year-old with all the normal problems and enjoyable moments. Avery has a boyfriend she adores but cannot quite figure out why he is with her, a best friend who she adores but finds out cannot always be trusted, a great family with an annoying younger sister, and a love for animals which leads her to a wonderful job – or so she thought. In addition to all of this, each time that Avery falls asleep she is led to an alternate dimension on earth where she finds out there is a whole group of people, her grandmother who passed away years ago included, whose goal is to save the planet. Avery finds herself among them and learns that her purpose in this life is to protect animals.

As the reader follows Avery on her new journey, we watch as she tries to cope with this new world she never knew existed as well as deal with the life she is leading on earth. A life that is becoming complicated, to say the least. Along the way, there are new friends that Avery meets who aid her in her quest and try to help this poor teenager accept that there is much more to her life than dates and teenage angst. In addition, there is the mystery of what is really going on at the local zoo where Avery works and what her part in saving the animals will be. While many out there may relish the fact that someone is working hard to save the planet and all the things that inhabit it, for Avery it is quite a shock to know these people are out there and, even more, to know that she is a huge part of them.

I think this is a fabulous book for any reader, young adults and older, who want a fun and fast read that is enjoyable and extremely motivating in terms of teaching us all that our plant is truly in danger and someone, somewhere has to do something to help. Avery is a great character that will inspire you to go forward and help. In addition, the characters surrounding this young woman in her quest are wonderfully written and full of surprises that make the reader, at least this one, care about them and all they are doing to help the wonderful Avery.

I loved “A Stellar Purpose” by Natacha Blair. It’s an amazing debut that I highly recommend to everyone. 5 Stars!!

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