A Soldier’s Choice By Keith A. Kantorek

A Soldier’s Choice By Keith A. Kantorek 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Soldier’s Choice
Keith A. Kantorek
Lulu (2009)
ISBN 9780557107643
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 8) for Reader Views (02/10)

“A Soldier’s Choice” by Keith A. Kantorek is a really, really good book about a Civil War soldier’s life.  The main character was from Boston and didn’t like slavery.  He went to West Point Military Academy and then became an officer in the Union Army.  When he was at West Point he became very good friends with Harrison Parker.  Harrison came from a slave-owning family in Georgia.  The main character fell in love with Harrison’s sister Evelyn.  But what would happen to his friendships when the Civil War struck?

The book opens with the main character lying dying in his bed in the winter of 1883.  His wife Evelyn was reading the love letters he had written to her before they were married.  When Evelyn fell asleep, his teenage daughter saw the letters and read them.  She became angry and asked her mother how she could be reading love letters from another man while her husband lay dying.  Was she really reading letters from another man?  Don’t worry; the book is about a lot more than love letters!  There is plenty of excitement.

“A Soldier’s Choice” by Keith A. Kantorek was such a good book that it was hard to review it because there were so many good things to say and I couldn’t type them all!  I recommend this book to everybody.  It was so interesting, and I learned a lot. I hope this author writes more books because I would like to read them.  The only bad part about the book is that some kids might have trouble reading Evelyn’s letters because they are in cursive.  Other than that, it was fabulous, and I would give it a lot more then just 5 stars.

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