“A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters

“A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters 175 175 Reader Views Kids

A Quilt for Charley

Sharon Winters
SharonWintersLLC.com (2022)
ISBN: 979-8359455244
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (07/2023)

In “A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters, readers are told the story of how Charley’s life changed at the age of nine years old when he was adopted and given a second shot at life. His previous nine years were sad ones in which he not only sustained a head injury when kicked by a horse, but he found himself wandering all alone in a park, not knowing where he was. Through the kindness of a park visitor, Charley was brought to a shelter. Unfortunately, he remained there for several weeks watching as people came and adopted the other dogs. Until one day his new mommy and daddy adopted him and took him to his new home where they showered him with endless love and affection, along with fun things like having toys, a warm bed, and a quilt to sleep with.

I absolutely loved this story and my heart hurt for poor Charley. To think this was based on a true story saddened me. But to know that Charley found a new loving home, where his mommy and daddy loved him, made my heart warm knowing that he had finally found his forever home.

I enjoyed reading the silly antics Charley put his family through trying to steal his parents’ bed quilt. The way the author told the story, I saw it unfold before my eyes as if I were there seeing everything happening firsthand. I was so happy that, although he wasn’t allowed to have his parents’ bed quilt to sleep with, they were kind and considerate enough to make him his own while he was away for a few weeks being trained as a service dog to help his mommy out. Feeling how excited Charley was to receive his own quilt when returning home, made me know just how much Charley meant to his new family.

This story was so heartwarming; one in which once finished reading it, you were so happy for Charley that you just wanted to read the story again. Although not mentioned, I would love to possibly see another book or two about how Charley performed service dog duties for his mommy. I could definitely see a series blossoming from this story because the author told Charley’s story so well.

“A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters is one of those feel-good books that any reader of any age will enjoy. It’s categorized for ages 4-18 years, Grades 2-12 and I think this is the perfect age range for this fun, heartwarming story to fit into. As an adult, I had no problem falling in love with Charley and his story. I know children will love it just as much, too. Well done! 

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