A Practical Guide to Vampires by Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer

A Practical Guide to Vampires by Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Practical Guide to Vampires
Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer
Mirrorstone (2009)
ISBN 9780786952434
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 13) for Reader Views (9/09)


Have you ever thought about vampires? What they do? How they act, talk, or live? If you have, read “A Practical Guide to Vampires” by Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer. You will learn everything about their weaknesses and powers.  All the lore about them will help young vampire hunters with their job. When are they weakest?  Do they have to drink human’s blood?  All these questions are answered and more!  Read to fulfill your knowledge of one of the world’s most mysterious monsters and eventually take on your role as a vampire hunter!  Remember to wear your garlic necklace on this exciting adventure!

Before anything else, I have to say that the artistry was beautiful. “A Practical Guide to Vampires” was the most artistically pronounced book I have ever reviewed.  The pictures go really well with the book.  The artist beautifully depicts the actions, movements, words, and skills of a vampire with full-colored pictures.  Children can read this book just by the art and guess what the pages say!  I expect every monster lover or vampire enthusiast to enjoy this book!  If your kid loves monsters like vampires or werewolves, this will be an exciting insight into their habits and life.

I would recommend “A Practical Guide to Vampires” by Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer to anyone who loves monsters or anyone under the age of twelve. This is not a frightening book at all, and it explains vampires in a way children can understand.  It is not only for monster lovers though, as I am not a monster enthusiast at all, and I enjoyed learning about these mystical creatures.  I would think boys would like this book more than girls, but then again, that remains to be seen.


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