“A Little Noble” by Janet Macreery

“A Little Noble” by Janet Macreery 175 262 Reader Views Kids


Janet Macreery
Outskirts Press (2020)
ISBN 9781977228352
Reviewed by Maddie (age 13) for Reader Views Kids (8/2020)

“A Little Noble” by Janet Macreery is the story of a 13-year-old girl named Mercy, who is on her way to deliver an important family message, when the carriage she is traveling in is involved in an accident.  Mercy is knocked out as the carriage goes to pieces and when she wakes up she realizes three things: she is hurt, her chaperone is gone, and she has no way to fulfill her mission.  That is, until she meets Calum, who rescues her from the wreckage and promises to help Mercy deliver her message – even though he has to go to a place from his past that haunts him.

This is a great story full of history from Scotland in the 1600s and it is very interesting to learn how different life was back then, as well as in a different country. The author is an exciting storyteller with action from the very first page. The way she describes things make you feel like you are there in the story with the characters. I felt like I was walking with Mercy and Calum, and the descriptions made it easy to imagine.

I enjoyed reading about a girl my age from a different period in time, but other than the age, we are nothing alike! Mercy is quick to say whatever is on her mind, and so is Calum. They have a relationship that keeps the story very entertaining with their remarks back and forth to each other. They act like they don’t like each other at times but you know they really do. I often kept reading more than I planned just to hear what they would say to each other next!

The parts I like best are the ones where Mercy helps people with her knowledge of plants.  She knows just how to use the plants to heal cuts, aching muscles, fevers – just about anything, by making potions or poultices to treat different ailments. It made me interested in learning more.

One thing I thought about a lot while reading “A Little Noble” was that I sure am glad I wasn’t born in the 1600s! While it does seem like a more adventurous time period, all that walking the characters did actually made me tired – and of course, more thankful for all the things we have in this century!

I recommend “A Little Noble” by Janet Macreery to ages 10 and up. The characters are fun, the mission is exciting and full of adventure, and you never know what’s going to happen next! The author has another book in the series called “A Little Wicked” which sounds very interesting as well.

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