A Journey with the Spider & Snake to Arizona
Beatrice Cook
Travel America Books (2007)
ISBN 9780979586705
Reviewed by Gabriel Peralta (age 9) for Reader Views (1/08)


This story takes place in the Yuma Desert of Arizona.  Betty, the spider, is trying to find some shade when she meets Jake the rattlesnake.  Jake tells Betty that his friend Cliff is lost and Betty offers to help him find him.  As they travel together looking for Cliff, Betty and Jake become good friends.  They look everywhere and then decide to go to the old copper mountain.  When they begin to climb the mountain Jake falls and Betty saves him and they continue to look for Cliff.  This book is fun because you learn about Arizona while reading about Jake and Betty’s adventures.  As they look for Cliff, you learn different things about ArizonaState.  For example, “Arizona produced two-thirds of America’s copper.”  Kids will also like the colorful pictures and the jokes made by Jake and Betty.  “A Journey with the Spider & Snake to Arizona” is a great book.

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