“A Home for Abigail” by S. Marriott Cook

“A Home for Abigail” by S. Marriott Cook 150 150 Reader Views Kids


S. Marriott Cook
Jabberwocky Books (2015)
ISBN 9781634132794
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 8) for Reader Views (01/16)

“A Home for Abigail” by S. Marriott Cook is about Abigail, a white dog who was abandoned on the streets by her owner after she had her babies. Abigail’s journey started by trying to let people know she really needed help. She was so weak and tired of walking after her owner’s car that she stopped to rest.

Many people saw Abigail, and yelled at her but nobody really cared. Abigail was really hoping that her owner would come back and take her to be with her puppies, but that didn’t happen. Then, a voice came from a car, and it was a lady trying to help Abigail jump up into the car. Poor Abby did not have the strength for it, so the lady helped her up.

After that, Abby was taken to the vet to make sure everything was ok. She had a checkup and she fell asleep. After several days, the lady came back and Abby was hoping she would leave with her, but she knew that the pet she wanted to adopt was not a dog.

I invite you to discover the lovely story of Abby. I am sure young readers and adults will enjoy it, because it has a great message. I love animals and Abby’s journey is a wonderful lesson of how you can be kind and helpful with others.

I love “A Home for Abigail” by S. Marriott Cook. The book, the pictures, the size of the letters, everything – I just love it. Great story!

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  • S. Marriott Cook (Sandy Cook)

    I would like so much to say thanks to Paola Belloso for his review of A Home for Abigail.
    Abby and I are so appreciative!!!
    I posted it on facebook and got a wonderful response. I’m going to put it on Amazon.
    thanks again,
    Sandy Cook

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