“A Home Called Haven: The Lower World” by C. Anne

“A Home Called Haven: The Lower World” by C. Anne 166 265 Reader Views Kids

A Home Called Haven Book 1: The Lower World

C. Anne
DeRodi Books (2022)
ISBN: 979-8986229843
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (01/2023)

I must say that since I was a child, more years than I care to admit to, the books written for this age group have gotten so much better and I am very grateful for that. A Home Called Haven: The Lower World is the first in a new series named A Home Called Haven and it is an absolutely wonderful beginning for a series that I hope will be around for a very long time….. Think Magic Treehouse here everyone.

In this first book, the author shows us what happens when two very different children find their way to a small magical cabin in the place named Haven and are taken in by Amma, the very sweet, mysterious, and playful lady that lives there. Neither Fox nor Otter, the names that Amma give these two children, have a family and both end up at the cabin and are taken in by this delightful lady. What happens next is a wonderfully written adventure to the Lower World that these poor misfit children take. It is a journey filled with magical creatures that helps them along their way as the children try to find the way back home. This is simply an enchanting story that combines fantasy and reality into one as these two outcast kids try to face their fears and get back to the lady they have both come to love very much. Along the way, Fox and Otter are able to learn to trust themselves and each other, not to mention all the magical friends they make along the way who help them to really grow up and heal.

In A Home Called Haven: The Lower World, the author has given us so many wonderful characters and she has given each one a voice that is special to them. It is superbly written and will stir up so many memories for adults from their own childhood and what they wanted it to be while giving children an exciting journey into a magical world that they will dream about wanting to visit. In addition, the story is an excellent teaching experience for children to learn about how important it is to accept others for what they are and that it is more than okay to be different.

This is an absolutely spell-binding adventure for the reader and for the characters and it should not be missed. I cannot wait to see what the next adventure will be for Fox and Otter and Amma and I know you will all feel the same way. 5 Stars!!

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