A Gift from Little Bear By Victoria Boutenko

A Gift from Little Bear By Victoria Boutenko 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Gift from Little Bear
Victoria Boutenko
Raw Family (2011)
ISBN 9780970481948
Reviewed by Max Aures (age 5) for Reader Views (12/11)

Max’s comments:

In this book there is a little bear that lives in the woods with his family.  His mom tells him not to go by the campsites but he does anyway.  The people feed him a sandwich and it gives him a tummy ache.  Then he goes back another time and he gives them some berries.  That is the food that bears eat.

I like this book but you really aren’t supposed to feed bears.  That isn’t a good idea.  You shouldn’t go by baby bears at all either because their moms might think you are going to hurt them.  I go camping a lot so that is why I know that.  Some people might read this book and go camping and think that it is okay to feed bears.  That would be a mistake.  “A Gift from Little Bear” is a good pretend story though.  I like the pictures.


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