“A Forever Love” by Tracy A. Daigrepont

“A Forever Love” by Tracy A. Daigrepont 663 1024 Reader Views Kids

A Forever Love

Tracy A. Daigrepont
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 979-8394288623
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (12/2023)

A Forever Love: A Sedipar Trilogyis the first book in a three-part series by author Tracy A. Daigrepont and I must say that the story will really hold the attention of the reader. It is a young adult novel about a group of high school friends and, while I thought it would not be a book for me, I will happily admit that I was wrong. While teen romance is a major part of the lives of these characters in the small town of Sedipar, Louisiana, there is so much more to the story that I did not expect that made it really great.

While A Forever Loverevolves around many people and families, it is mainly the story of the Corbin family. There is 15-year-old Nessie who really hopes to be happy in life and to be more than just her last name, which links her to a very wealthy and apparently happy family but appearances can be very deceiving. There is Nessie’s older brother Beau, star of the high school football team, and a boy falling in love with, of course, the captain of the cheerleaders, Charlotte Callaway. While you would think this would be the main focus of this YA romance it is not.

In addition to the children, the reader meets their parents. Nessie and Beau’s father is Tucker Corbin, a lawyer in Sedipar who seems aloof and not much a part of the family but is deeply in love with his wife and wants to do all he can to support her and his family. Then we have Dr. Isabella Corbin, Tucker’s wife and mother to Nessie and Beau. Isabella is a scheming, cold woman who does not seem to be involved in Nessie’s life at all. Yet, where Beau is concerned, she just wants everything in his life to be perfect and she will stop at nothing to control her son’s life and make it exactly what she believes it should be.

As Isabella becomes completely immersed in destroying Beau’s relationship with Charlotte the reader is given glimpses into Isabella and Tucker’s past and her deep hatred for the Callaway family in general. As we watch Isabella work hard to destroy what her son cares for most, Tucker tries to come to grips with his wife’s past lies and the effect they have on his family in the present. In addition to the plot of other teenage relationships among Beau and Charlotte’s friends, the action and suspense just do not stop.

A Forever Loveis a very well-written novel that is so much more than what the reader will expect when they pick it up. I could not put it down and read it from cover to cover in one afternoon. The characters, both main and secondary characters, are extremely well-developed and seem very real to the reader. You will definitely either love them or hate them; there is no in-between. The situations they find themselves in seem real as well and keep the action moving and the reader’s attention drawn to the story. The setting of this small town in Louisiana is well-described and you will feel as if you are there watching everything happen when the lies and feelings from past lives in town crash into those of the present and everything starts to fall apart.

A Forever Loveis an excellent beginning to this new series and I would recommend it to anyone, teens and adults, who want to read a riveting story that is more than just a simple teenage romance. I was impressed with the plot, the characters, and the writing, and I think you will be as well.  I can hardly wait to see what Isabella and the others get up to in the next part of the series.

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