A Farm Country Thanksgiving by Gordon W. Fredrickson

A Farm Country Thanksgiving by Gordon W. Fredrickson 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Farm Country Thanksgiving 
Gordon W. Fredrickson
Beavers Pond Press (2010)
ISBN 9781592983438
Reviewed by Madeline (age 9) and Sophia (age 7) McElroy for Reader Views (08/10)


Another great story by Gordon W. Fredrickson! I have read several of his books and this is one of my new favorites. The books in the “Farm Country” series are about farm life from a child’s point of view. The story is written using rhyming words; I think it’s very creative. This style of writing is fun to read.

My favorite part of this Thanksgiving Day story is when Joey put his tongue on the side of the frozen water pump and it stuck like glue! This is also one of my favorite pictures! I think all of the artwork in the book is very good.

This story shows how much work there is to do on a farm. They were having family over for dinner, but before they arrived they had to clean the barn, stack hay, shovel snow, milk cows and much more!

I think that young children to teens and their parents would enjoy this book and other books by Gordon W. Fredrickson.


I think it would be fun to have Thanksgiving on a farm just like they did in this book! But,
they had a lot of work to do on the farm before they could have fun. The worst thing would be cleaning up the cow poo – gross!

I really like the illustrations, they are really pretty. My favorite picture is of the family making Thanksgiving dinner, it reminds me of my family cooking together. My favorite part of the story is when everyone sits down for dinner; this reminds me of going to our friend’s house for Thanksgiving last year. I also liked that the family was praying before they ate dinner.

I have read many of Fredrickson’s books before, they are amazing! You will learn a lot about living on a farm from these books. My favorite book is “Farm Country Christmas.” The author uses rhyming in all his books, I think it makes reading the stories more fun!

Madeline and Sophia: “A Farm Country Thanksgiving” Gordon W. Fredrickson is a fun read.

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