A Farm Country Picnic By Gordon W. Fredrickson

A Farm Country Picnic By Gordon W. Fredrickson 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Farm Country Picnic
Gordon W. Fredrickson
Beaver’s Pond Press (2011)
ISBN 9781592984121
Reviewed by Madeline (age 10) and Sophia (age 8) McElroy for Reader Views (7/11)


When the family had been working all week, Joey, Maggie and their big brother all want a break! They said they want to have a picnic down at Web Lake to eat, fish, and swim. But Dad says, “When it’s dry, you have to work, when it’s wet, you can’t.” They talk to Dad and Mom and they say that if it rains tomorrow, they can go to the lake and fish. They wake up by hearing a loud BOOM! They see it’s raining hard with lightning flashing. Their window was open and they rushed to close it. They put on their clothes and shout, “We’re going to Web Lake!” They went to milk the cows and clean up. They grabbed the fishing poles and got out of the barn and before they could get any worms, their neighbor rushes in his car and shouts, “Hurry! Get in! Your cattle have gotten out and are walking all over the corn fields!”

My favorite part is when they get all their cattle back together and into the fence. My favorite picture is when they have their picnic and when they are picking cherries. “A Farm Country Picnic” is another well done book by Gordon W. Fredrickson. His other books are very interesting. I love all of them.


This is a story about three children and their parents working on a farm. The kids wanted to go fishing and go on a picnic but dad said maybe tomorrow because they had too much work to do. The next morning they heard thunder and rain. When they where about to leave to go fishing a person came and said, “Your cows and cattle have escaped; you better go get them!”’ Then they came to the fields and saw them running through the fields. They destroyed the fence and ran over some plants. Even with all that hard work they still had a really great time.

My favorite part of “A Farm Country Picnic” was when they had to chase all the cows and cattle. My favorite character was the little girl Maggie. I think Maggie is really funny. This book is funny too. The picnic looked good too. I love this book!

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