A Farm Country Halloween by Gordon W. Fredrickson

A Farm Country Halloween by Gordon W. Fredrickson 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Farm Country Halloween
Gordon W. Fredrickson
Beaver’s Pond Press (2009)
ISBN 9781592982950
Reviewed by Sophia (age 6.5) and Madeline (age 8) McElroy for Reader Views (9/09)


This is a story about two boys and one girl trick-or-treating on the farm. Their names are Joey, Jim and Maggie. They made their own costumes and went to visit neighbors around their farm. They had fun getting treats and watching someone’s new TV. They got really scared when they saw a phantom flying through the air. But it was really only Jack in a costume flying through the air using a rope and pulley. This was part funny and part scary. I like the pretty artwork. I think it would be fun to trick-or-treat on a farm!

This story is about three children who live on a farm. They are going trick-or-treating on other farms to get treats on Halloween. My favorite part is when Joey, who is the youngest, yells, “There’s a cow in a box!” At one of the farms they went to, the kids were asked if they wanted to see their new TV and that is why Joey said that about the cow.

This is the second “Farm Country” book I have read. I really like how all the sentences rhyme in the whole story. I like the colorful artwork too. “A Farm Country Halloween” by Gordon W. Fredrickson makes me want to go trick-or-treating on a farm someday; I think it would be fun!

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