“A Family Walk” by Jennifer Butenas

“A Family Walk” by Jennifer Butenas 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Family Walk
Jennifer Butenas
The Perfect Moment, LLC. (2019)
ISBN: 9780984003921
Reviewed by Lydia Dehning (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (5/19)

“A Family Walk” by Jennifer Butenas is the story of a family who goes outside in the evening before bedtime and go for a walk together. The family is mom, dad, Zac, Ben, Emilee, and their dog, Jazz. Before their walk, Mom has Jazz, Dad is playing catch with a baseball with Ben, Zac is playing basketball, and Emilee is playing and drawing with chalk. They all go for a walk down the street and stop to play. Ben plays catch with his dad, Zac plays some basketball by himself, and Emilee runs to a big tree. The kids climb up the tree and sit on the branches, and each one goes on a higher branch. Then they start playing on the branches and swinging on them. Mom gets out her camera and takes pictures of the kids and dad who are all playing around the tree. Mom puts the camera away because it is getting late and time to get ready for bed at home. On the way home they play some more and watch the sun go down and hold hands. At home, the kids get ready for bed and Jazz falls asleep while the family sits on the couch together.

I liked this book because all of the kids were playing things that I like to do, especially Emilee, because I really like to draw with chalk like her. I like that they are like my family who goes for walks sometimes, except we don’t bring things along, like the balls that the boys brought. I think boys and girls my age and older will like this book because it is a fun story and they will probably like doing the same things that the kids in the book were doing. I like the pictures, too.

A Note from Mom

This is a cute story with a message appropriate for readers of any age – to take time to make cherished moments as a family, or with friends. The overall story was age-appropriate, but without the aid of an adult, some of the words are big and won’t be understood if the reader can’t explain them. Other than that, this book will be one that I will feel very comfortable reading to anyone because it is not biased about anything. “A Family Walk” by Jennifer Butenas simply focuses on taking time to enjoy the outdoors, getting some movement and exercise, and being able to capture a cherished moment in the process.

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