A Dog is a Dog By Stephen Shaskan

A Dog is a Dog By Stephen Shaskan 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Dog is a Dog
Stephen Shaskan
Chronicle Books (2011)
ISBN 9780811878968
Reviewed by Madison (age 5) and Hailey (age 3) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (12/11)




A dog is a dog,
Whether it’s naughty or nice.
Whether it suns on the beach,
Or glides on the ice.
A dog is a dog, if it’s skinny or fat.
A dog is a dog, unless it’s a…

In this adorable book, children are sure to sprout plenty of ideas in regards to what this dog might be next.  For older children who understand where the book is leading them, the guesses fly off their tongues.  For younger children a world of imagination is opened as they discover rhyming, costumes and one very silly and interesting dog! Parents will enjoy reading this book to their children because it develops thought and understanding while creating fun and joy.


It was great because it had a dog at the end and at the front.  “A Dog is a Dog.  I love that name!  I think kids should get it at the store because it’s great and funny.  The dog wears a bunch of suits.  He is a dog, then a cat, a squid, a moose and a dog again!


I like the doggy.  It is funny.  Ashley needs to get it!  Jake too!


Who didn’t enjoy this book?  I simply loved it.  The girls enjoyed the illustrations, the story line and loved guessing what the dog would turn into next.  I brought this book to my daughter’s kindergarten class for a mystery read.  The children loved guessing what the dog would be next as well as pointing out the rhyming words and other things they were learning in class.  Their teacher was thrilled to have them interact with me so excitedly.  They loved the book and had plenty of fun reading it with me.  This book is great all around.  It’s not long so it keeps their attention.  It’s fun and interactive while also containing educational and thought-provoking material.  We loved reading it!  I highly recommend “A Dog is a Dog” to parents with children under the age of 6.

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